Transwarp Hyperbase

Transwarp Hyperbase is a real-time NoSQL database based on Apache HBase. It incorporates various indexing schemes, distributed transaction processing, real-time full text search and graph database. Hyperbase provides powerful support for companies' online OLTP applications, concurrent OLAP applications, batch processing applications, full text search and concurrent graph database search applications. Together with Transwarp Inceptor high-speed SQL engine, it is the best choice as an operational databse or real-time analytical data store for businesses.

Transwarp Hyperbase Architecture
Transwarp Hyperbase Functionalities
Functionalities Description
SQL Support Supports batch processing and high-concurrency queries using SQL via Inceptor. It handles batch processing 10 times faster than Map/Reduce. It can transform row-oriented storage in Hyperbase to columna oriented storage in Holodesk. It also supports online queries and high speed OLAP analysis.
Index Supports global, local, high-dimensional indexing and advanced filters. Can be used to perform OLAP queries of high concurrency and low latency.
CRUD Supports highly concurrent (on the order of miliseconds) data creation, retrieval, update and deletion via SQL.
Full Text Search Distributed full text indexing based on Lucene. It can be combined with Big Table for real-time index creation and search.
Distributed Transaction Processing Support SQL syntax COMMIT TRANSACTION and ROLLBACK TRANSACTION for distributed transaction handling across rows and across tables, ensuring consistency.
Support for Various Data Types Supports the storage, indexing and searching of text-based files (e.g. JSON/BSON). Supports storage, retrieval and auto-recyling of images, audio/videos and binary files.