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Transwarp Technologies Announces Its Cloud Operating System: TOS


The soon to be released TOS is a cloud operating system tailored for big data applications. Based on Docker and Kubernetes, TOS allows you to deploy TDH with one click. Big data applications can now embrace cloud services with the help of fine-grained resource distribution and preemptive resource allocation by priority.

Big data and cloud computing always go hand in hand. As data volumes increase and clusters grow, big data applications have pressing needs for a matching cloud operating system. TOS is born for this. TOS provides one-click deployment, expansion and reduction of TDH while allowing other services to share the cluster with big data services, which makes better utilization of resources. While ensuring real-time tasks, the innovative preemptive resource allocation model of TOS increases resource occupation when the cluster is idle, which allows batch jobs and real-time tasks to share computation resources without interfering each other.

In addition, TDH over TOS introduces micro service architecture, which significantly alleviates the influence of customer deployment environment on the stability of TDH, increases the availability of the deployment and allows the user to upgrade and fix the system without downtime.