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Download Transwarp Introduce Manual
Download Transwarp Data Hub(TDH) White Paper
Download Transwarp Data Cloud(TDC) White Paper
Download Transwarp Sophon White Paper
Download Transwarp Sophon ST White Paper
Download Transwarp ArgoDB White Paper
Download Transwarp StellarDB White Paper
Download Transwarp Big Data TxData White Paper

Industry Case

Download 2015 hadoop application cases
Download How Transwarp Helped EMS During the Chinese Cyber-Monday
Download Transwarp's Hadoop Broadcasting Application for Wasu
Download How Big Data is Helping Sinopec Making Its Production System Smarter
Download When Big Data Meets SSD
Download Big Data Approaches of Foshan Power Supply Bureau
Download How Hadoop Realized Smart Transportation Management in Shandong
Download How Transwarp is Helping Ping An Bank Upgrade Its Data Warehouses
Download Transwarp's Hadoop Deployment for China Mobile Guangdong
Download How Transwarp Used Big Data Technology to Redefine Indoor Network Optimization for Guangdong Telecom
Download Everygrowing Bank's New Data Warehouse Based on Hadoop Powered By Transwarp
Download Enhance Text Message Spam Filtering Using Big Data Analytics
Download Automating Smart Fault Detection in Electric Power Distribution with Big Data
Download Innovative Big Data Applications at Postal Savings Bank of Jiangsu
Download An Analysis of Jiangsu Bank's Big Data Infrastructure Strategy
Download the application of Transwarp Stream-the big data stream computing technology in the intelligent traffic analytical monitoring system
Download the applications and practices of big data helping improve control over Internet financial risks
Download Transwarp Technologies helps ZHONGTAI SECURITIES in innovavative applications of big data
Download precision marketing solutions based on big data of business banks
Download new big data application in domestic aircraft industry: Transwarp Technologies helps Xiamenair
Download Transwarp big data technology creates intelligent center for disease control
Download Transwarp supports big data business of Wasu Media
Download China Aerospace Times Electronics Cooperates with Transwarp Technology in Building the Biggest Social Comprehensive Management Platform in Shandong Province
Download Building a Panoramically Visualizing Big Data Platform for a Municipal Power Supply Bureau in Southern China

Product Technology

Download Transwarp Data Hub (TDH) v4.2 安装手册
Download Transwarp Data Hub (TDH) v4.2 运维手册
Download Transwarp Data Hub v4.3 - 安全手册
Download Transwarp Data Hub v4.3 - 安装手册
Download Transwarp Data Hub v4.3 - 运维手册

Developer Reference

Download Transwarp Data Hub v4.2 - Inceptor使用手册
Download Transwarp Data Hub v4.2 - Hyperbase使用手册
Download Transwarp Data Hub v4.3 - Inceptor 使用手册
Download Transwarp Data Hub v4.3 - Hyperbase 使用手册
Download Transwarp Data Hub v4.3 - StreamSQL使用手册

Test Report

Download TPC-DS

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Download Inceptor JDBC Driver
Download Inceptor ODBC Driver
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